A Brief Overview of Papa s Scooperia.

September 23, 2018 orangebutterfly539 0 Comments

Papa’s Scooperia: An Introduction

The game combines two things: ice cream and cookies. Papa’s Scooperia consists of the player being asked by a customer for ice cream with a cookie on the top. The cookie then bakes on the top of the ice cream until it is flat. You then scrap the cookie and place it on the ice cream. The goal is to make some kind of sundae out of it.

Players spend the game doing just that. The idea for the game is built on precision and detail while serving the customers their ice cream.

The Food Critic

Each week a food critic shows. He comes and takes a look at what you do. He will award you a blue ribbon if he finds what you made to be satisfactory.

The Ice Cream

There are two characters: The closer and Jojo. Normal customers get their regular one scoop of ice cream and one cookie. The closers and Jojo get 3 scoops of the ice cream and 3 cookies. That means more work for you. However, there is one customer that is extra special. The Star customer: 5 Stars for the bronze, 10 stars for the silver, and 15 stars for gold.

The Star customer begins as any other customer would. They begin with one scoop. They get two scoops when they reach bronze star status. They order 3 scoops when they get Silver star status.

The idea the creators came up with is kind of cool. There are no real issues with the game. The only downsides to the game are minor nitpicky issues.

Tips For the First Day Of Playing and Beyond

  1. The game shows dots. They are more or less window-dressing. Try not to get distracted by them. Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare? Slow and steady wins the race here.
  2. Some of you might not be able to keep track of the little things in this game. Focus on the doorbell because that will always be the first thing you should buy. Alarms and boosters follow next in line.
  3. The blue ribbons with the holiday spirit are a must for every player. The more you get, the better you are going to do.
  4. You are going to get overwhelmed by the cookie and ice cream orders. A good rule of thumb: Slow down and pause the game. Check to see the status of the cookies you have in the oven right now. How much progress are you making? You can take another order and continue decorating your sundae if the cookies in your oven have very little progress.

FYI: The cookie dough equals to a better bake score. The sundae orders equal a better order score.